12052344_10153232688266915_2999497962776435457_oI’m LaVella.

After receiving my cap and gown from Western Kentucky University and a folded piece of paper notifying me how much in debt I am in, I towed and sold my junkie car and moved to Louisville. Here, I began, and continue, working at Samtec, a global electronic connector company.

Working in marketing, I design art to communicate a message that generates impact. That is the challenge: communicating an impactful message to the correct audience across the correct platform at the correct time. As you can see, it leaves a lot of room for error, and I thrive in the task.

And, I hate being bored. I am one of those people that will wake up at 6 am and return home at 10 pm, every day. I like to be busy, be challenged and work hard. This tendency brought me to pursue my masters with WVU’s Integrated Marketing Communication program. So far, I have been busy, challenged and have had to work hard; basically, I’ve loved it.

Overall, I don’t describe myself as a writer or funny. I describe myself and nice and smart. And I try to create nice, smart things.


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