The Power of Good Tweets

With over 1 billion registered users 320 million active users and 100 million users daily, Twitter is one of the most active social media sites for Internet users. The fast-paced feed and real-time conversations make the site a favorite among individuals and businesses. While some brands miss the mark when trying to connect with users on the social media platform, others use the platform to build stronger relationships, brand awareness and humanize the brand.

The platform provides a new opportunity, but with the amount of clutter in a consumer’s feed, a brands tweet need to really grab their attention. Brands can do this by simply asking to share. Words like “please,” “retweet,” and even shorthand “pls” were found in common in successful messages. Another way is to be informative, but not long-winded. Although Twitter only allows for 140 characters, short informative tweets easier to read and are more likely to be shared. It also helps to treat a tweet much like a newspaper headline, by being catchy but also providing information.

Using language that is familiar with the community but consistent with the brand also helps the success of a tweet. This familiar language humanizes the brand, is easier to read and also allows for using third person pronouns to refer to the audience. This reference to others helps express a positive sentiment and talks directly to the consumers. Lastly, brands can utilize words that often appear in other retweeted messages. Below are Dan Zarrella’s 20 most retweetable buzz words on twitter:

please retweet
social media
how to
blog post
check out
new blog post

So basically, to not end up on the “Epic Twitter Fails” list, don’t be afraid to selectively ask for retweets, talk about Twitter when you have a chance, use simple phrases that are easy to parse and, therefore, share, and talk to the consumer. Twitter is a powerful tool for brands to directly interact with fans, build a relationship with customers and keep people in the loop. Every single tweet that a brand sends out has the potential for a big impact; don’t hinder the possible with weak tweets!


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