Real-Time Push for the Big Game

It happens every year. People across the nation assemble to watch a game while others watch the ads, regardless of the interest there is no ignoring the large audience tuned in for the Super Bowl. Yet, although tuned in on television, each year marketers have continuous and growing competition for their attention.

Technology has changed the way advertisers are able to reach consumers and sports fans have continually begun to mobilize for the big game, and, well, any game. Sports fans are relying on their smartphone to stay on top of the action while away from the TV, and even second screening to comment during lulls in the action. This second screen is continuously causing marketers to fight for consumers’ attention while simultaneously providing an opportunity for engagement. And, as mobile continues to grow, it has become an incredibly important way to reach sports fans utilizing real-time connectivity.

Real-time marketing is the ability for brands to engage with their customers based on real-time information. This strategy requires more flexibility, attention to relevancy and immediate customer feedback to be effective. Below you can see, the main objective of real-time marketing is often not to increase time spent on-site, but rather forming meaningful relationships.


The development of various social media platforms introduces a new set of considerations for the Super Bowl advertiser, specifically the ability of real-time connectivity. This real-time marketing allows for marketers to build on the television ad and expand their company’s brand and image by creating a more intimate relationship with consumers. The challenge is for brands to find a way to meaningfully engage the consumer by being relevant and interesting during real-time.

Last year, the number 1 Super Bowl advertisement was Budweiser’s Lost Dog, a sequel to 2014’s Puppy Love. The advertisement was supported in the company’s efforts on social media, and in real-time the company replied to fans tweets and generated funny content hinting back to the ad. The cross-media promotion enabled the company to continue to be relevant by having a conversation with consumers about the ad and the game, without being pushy or over humoring.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 2.16.07 PM  Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 2.17.29 PM

Currently, marketers’ attempts at getting in on the conversation have been dominated by Twitter, who sells promoted tweets to make sure commentary was seen. Now, Facebook and Google are now rolling out live feeds that allow for conversation around events as they happen. Facebook’s live feed “Sports Stadium” is focused on sporting events to see what friends, experts, pro athletes, and celebrities are saying while also monitoring live scores, stats, and each play. While, Google’s unnamed product is focused around marketers’ ability to quickly serve online ads in response to relevant TV moments.

Both of these pushes are happening around one of the biggest viewing events of the year, the Super Bowl. Just over a week away, will the newly available platforms shake up the real-time marketing efforts this year and who will be this year’s advertisement winner?


One thought on “Real-Time Push for the Big Game

  1. Greetings,

    Great post! The ad that stood out the most to me in last night’s Super Bowl game was Esurance’s pregame “Pass It On Sweepstakes” ad. The commercial promoted a real-time social media sweepstakes where users could win up to $1 million for tweeting #Esurancesweepstakes. Below is a link to the commercial.

    According to CNBC (, “Esurance, which opted to run pregame and postgame TV advertisements coupled with a strong social media campaign, dominated the conversation on Twitter. ‘We wanted to leverage second-screen culture,’ said Sarah Evans, Esurance social media communications specialist. ‘No one these days is just watching the TV. We’re surrounded by technology. We know the only way into somebody’s house, into somebody’s life, is not just through the TV screen, but through handheld devices and social media…’ The tally from analytics platform Amobee Brand Intelligence also showed that Esurance dominated the conversation during the Super Bowl on Twitter, with more than 835,000 tweets about the company.”

    Clever and engaging in real time! Rock on Esurance!


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