Is Traffic King?

One of the most attractive things about the Internet and social media is its potential to gain free global attention with online traffic. You gain traffic by creating free content and sharing it digitally on social media, in hopes it drives consumers back to your site. Yet, gaining website traffic is becoming increasingly more difficult. Why? Because the amount of noise and competition grows daily and on multiple devices. Below, you can see the share of web traffic by device; with mobile continuing growing.

Although this traffic is important in gaining global attention, is it a vanity metric? One that doesn’t tell the whole story? Traffic often gets promoted when numbers are up and forgotten about when the numbers lag. How does traffic impact the end result of that traffic? I think in 2016, the industry’s focus on traffic as the “best” measure of digital success wan potential profitability will continue to fade unless it can be directly related to conversion rate and generated revenue. Does high traffic really mean big money?


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