Emerging Media, Why Should We Care?

Keeping up with the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing can be difficult. There’s always something new to learn and experiment with, and something dying (think MySpace). But, if you’ve been dragging your feet in hopes marketing will revert back to the days of one-way communication while your consumer sits by passively receiving your marketing message, I hate to break it to you, but it’s not happening. This ever-evolving landscape of emerging media forever changed the way brands speak with consumers and promote products/services.

How often do you check Facebook? Steam Hulu? Check traffic on Waze? Read product/service reviews? Each of those daily activities utilizes emerging media. Although this is all media we are using today, this media has emerged and it only continues to quickly develop. Emerging media is social, video, content, connection, engagement, and interactive. We see it everything and interact with daily. But, why does it matter? Because it is influencing our world and changing they way we market and advertise to consumers.

1. Customers can be your biggest advocates

Customers are actively seeking information and comparing it with competitors and engaging in this conversation helps supply information to these consumers. The social aspect of emerging media helps to generate brand advocates through conversations around your brand, acting as customer service to unhappy customers, and simply replying and acknowledging interested consumers. Happy customers who turn into brand advocates can be one of the most powerful marketing tools because people listen to people.

2. Conversations are already happening (with or without you)

People are talking and like to share their experiences, good or bad. This is prevalent in the power of word of mouth marketing (WOMM). You could choose to simply to sit back and hope conversations will just happen organically about your brand. Or, you could embrace the power of WOMM and build relationships with consumers. Below, you can see that 49% of Americans believe WOMM online is highly credible. But, as Gregory mentions, you also need to be engaged in monitoring these conversations about your brand and be ready to protect the brand when needed.

3. Your target audience wants to be involved

As marketing continues to evolve, transparency is key in relationship building. Consumers want more than promotions and direct mail, they want to know what the company stands for and create a relationship on that shared purpose. This shared purpose transcends the sales and product promotion and delivers on the human principal, the “why the company matters.” Emerging media helps brands create consumer trust with two-way conversations that build authentic relationships and allow consumers to be involved.

It’s no surprise that traditional media like print, radio, and television have become a thing of the past. Advertising budgets are being evaluated to account for the growth of emerging media while traditional media has seen cutbacks. Thus, It is crucial for marketers today to understand how their target audiences are creating as well as consuming digital media, along with digital trends. With this information, Marketer can create successful campaigns that are targeted and engage with the consumer in a new way.


2 thoughts on “Emerging Media, Why Should We Care?

  1. Hi LaVella,

    Customers play a large role in a brands ability to succeed. Targeting the correct consumer is one of the most important jobs for marketers, and contributor Jim Joseph (2015) of Entrepreneur suggests, it’s one job that never ends . Interacting with consumers and establishing a firm relationship should be a priority within any IMC campaign. But how do we begin this conversation, and a new relationship via digital technologies? Through great content, of course!

    As consumers, we have our preferences; we know what we like and what we do not like. Great content has the potential to increase ‘sharability’, especially if it is relatable to the consumer . Brands that are able to establish a high retention rate, and keep customers loyal, understand how to tailor their messages. Companies map out thousands of decisions a consumer might make, and use this information to influence their decision to buy . In this case, a positioning strategy could be the key in a company’s ability to effectively reach and influence the customer.

    As you suggested, it is crucial for marketers to understand the audience. An understanding for the audience allows marketing efforts to reach the desired consumer(s). In the digital age, companies are “always-on” and “always-open”, so targeting the correct consumer is mandatory to survive.

    Great post, LaVella!

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    1. Thanks for the insights, Marianne! Great content is vital to the success of businesses. This great content is original, has strong headlines, actionable, provides answers, uses accurate information, thought provoking, uses images or multimedia, concise, and frequently maintained. In this new digital age, how do brands expect consumers to find them if they aren’t producing content on the platforms they are most like to be on?


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