Biometrics: The Future of Security

Biometrics includes a variety of approaches for safeguarding identity-based on physical or behavioral traits. Some of the typical biometric approaches include: • Fingerprints • Face topology • Iris structure • Hand geometry • Vein structure • Voice • Signature • Keystroke recognition. In recent years, biometric security has seen a sharp growth; largely due to… Continue reading Biometrics: The Future of Security

How Voice Search is Changing SEO and What You Can Do To Leverage It

With the continuous growth of mobile device usage, voice search usage has also seen steady growth. In 2014, MindMeld commissioned research in October of 1,800 adult smartphone users in the US. The company found that there has been a big uptick in voice assistant and voice search usage, with 60 percent saying that they had… Continue reading How Voice Search is Changing SEO and What You Can Do To Leverage It

Content Shock Making You Undiscoverable?

Emerging media has created an increase in the volume of content being created, but as humans, we can only absorb so much information. Mark Schaefer first hypothesized the notion of Content Shock. This theory suggests that content marketing isn’t a sustainable marketing strategy due to the sheer amount of content being produced. “Because of it’s… Continue reading Content Shock Making You Undiscoverable?

Are consumers forgetting your product? Coke might think so

There is no doubt that Coca-Cola is one of the most well-known and recognized brands in the world. Yet, having a product people enjoy isn’t the only thing needed to become one of the world’s most valuable companies. Captivating marketing and its 7-year-old slogan, “Open Happiness,” has driven the success of Coca-Cola. Open Happiness was… Continue reading Are consumers forgetting your product? Coke might think so

Are we ready for a “smart” world?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is built on cloud computing and networks of data-gathering sensors and enables increased machine-to-machine communication. This “next big thing” is making things “smart” by being mobile, virtual, and allowing for instantaneous connection. But what is the real benefit of IoT? If a machine is a tool, and instrument that physically… Continue reading Are we ready for a “smart” world?

Real-Time Push for the Big Game

It happens every year. People across the nation assemble to watch a game while others watch the ads, regardless of the interest there is no ignoring the large audience tuned in for the Super Bowl. Yet, although tuned in on television, each year marketers have continuous and growing competition for their attention. Technology has changed… Continue reading Real-Time Push for the Big Game